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5 Rules For Stress Free, Regret Free Planning

Your entire wedding day is flashing before your eyes and you haven't even said "yes" yet! You're thinking, "Must have perfect wedding." Today's standards are outrageous and the pressure is real! Here are 5 tips for laying a foundation for stress free, regret free wedding planning.

1. Enjoy It -

Take some time to enjoy it. Your engagement is a special time and it will be over before you know it. Stare at your ring for hours, throw around the word "fiancé" and wear your new "bride" shirt (that your best friend bought you in hopes of winning MOH title) everywhere you go.

Day dream about all the details with your soon to be hubby but keep it exciting. Take time to take it all in.

2. Figure Out What's Important -

Talk to your fiancé about what is most important to you both and make sure to make those things a priority. Maybe it's specific to your guest list or maybe it's your dream venue that will take number one on the list. Planning can be stressful and it's easy to get distracted. Make a list or vision board that you can revisit when things get stressful.

3. Go With Your Gut -

This is your day and you only get it once. Make decisions with your fiancé and don't let others opinions effect you. Have a silly song you both love? Play it. Or maybe there is an inappropriate inside joke you want to tie in? Do it.

You can't make everyone happy so why bother trying. Twenty years from now you won't remember how these things made your guests feel. You will remember how they made you feel.

4. Take Time Off From Planning -

Don't let the wedding plans take over your life. It's fun to have this new thing in common with your fiancé but be sure not to make it the constant topic of conversation. Constantly obsessing over your big day can lead to unnecessary stress and pressure in your relationship.

Remember that it's normal if he doesn't "care" as much about the wedding as you do. He does care, men just have a shit way of showing their emotions (welcome to married life)!

5. Be Realistic -

It's important to be realistic when planning your wedding. Social media sets high standards for today's brides but what social media doesn't do is pitch in on your budget. It also doesn't put in the time required for DIY projects.

Give yourself boundaries and stick to them (i.e. I will not stay up until 1:00 am every night on Pinterest).


So you said, “yes”. Now take a deep breath and enjoy!

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